TestimonialsI can’t tell you enough how much I am grateful to FSF for what you have done for my son’s self confidence. He is so lucky to be with such a caring coach and a great group of kids and to be able to learn and grow with them together.

-Wendy, mom of U10 player

Thank you for understanding how much the uniforms and friends matter to the kids and how much a well run organization matters to their parents. Your family and the soccer program make me happy.

_Emmy, mom of U7 development player

We have two boys who participate on the FSF travel teams and I cannot say enough about how much they love it. But why I love it is this: the boys are so comfortable there. They have a great time, love learning the sport of soccer and can see how they’re improving so they feel good about themselves. They also enjoy the team spirit and competition.

As parents, we feel lucky to have found this club–we feel Sasha’mani looks out for our boys and his warmth and support comes through in everything he says and does. And Chloe is absolutely on top of everything, all of the time. We truly believe they are looking out for our boys and making decisions that support the various teams they manage. They support the individual players’ personal growth and develop their soccer skills while simultaneously fostering their passion for the game itself and respect for their coaches and teammates.

– Patti, mom to u8 and u9 players

My son has really enjoyed the team and Sasha’mani’s coaching. We really appreciate all the coach pours into him. He considers himself an athlete. We appreciate that Sasha’mani sees the great potential in him that we do. We have been impressed with Sasha’mani’s example of work ethic, sportsmanship, gamesmanship, drive, persistence, preparation, and giving of one’s best effort -these all reinforce our teachings and expectations of my son, and provides for great life application overall.

–  Mother of 8 year old player

After coaching my child only a few times, Sasha’mani figured out what motivates my child to try harder and do better.  My son has never been more excited about going to practice and playing soccer than now, with Sasha’mani as his coach. Practice is always interesting and fresh.  My son and his friends are never bored at practice and never want practice to end.  And Sasha’mani’s coaching works . . .  The children play their competitive games using the new skills they have learned in practice. I can see my son’s skills and concept of the game improving so much.  My older son wants to practice with his brother’s team just to be coached by Sasha’mani.  We’re so glad we found him.

mom of Sami

I have played my entire life and through Division I college level.  My son was new to coaching in soccer and really took to Sasha’mani’s approach.  Very patient, focused and enthusiastic coach.  Really able to identify key body ergonomics to change to ensure the proper technique is learned.  All too often once a child learns—or teaches him/herself how to dribble or shoot without the right input, they then have a hard time “unlearning” this skill in more advanced stages of the game/coaching interactions.  Perfect coach to learn all the fundamentals in—AND IT WAS FUN!!!!!!!!

Erin, mom of Jedd Wagner