FSF Fundraiser 2019!

Welcome to 2019 FSF! We are so excited to celebrate our second annual fundraiser in order to support our large number of scholarship players (30%!) and continue the important work of developing young athletes and members of the local and global community!
Last year we raised over $20k thanks to all your contributions and we hope to beat that number this year. Also, as we projected from our last fundraising drive, we are preparing to embark on our first team trip (22 players and 20 parents) abroad to Spain (next month)!
Here are some photos of the amazing group of boys (from U12-U14 teams) we are sending, at the socceroof for practice wearing their special third jerseys made for the upcoming international experience with FSF.

As for the fundraiser info for this year, here are some links for those who wish to donate and support the scholarship and international program! We will be celebrating the fundraiser and sharing Spain stories with all of you at a party on March 2 in Red Hook so save the date and get your dancing shoes ready!

Buy tickets here!

Premier League:

Champions League:

World Cup:

Together we have built an inclusive and dynamic club that celebrates diversity and muticulturalism. As a 501(c)3 your donation/ticket is tax deductible.

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