Coaches/Safety Guidelines

  About Sasha’mani Francois, Director of Coaching

For the last two decades, Sasha’mani Francois has been coaching both boys and girls club and school futbol (soccer) teams ranging from ages 3 to 16. In early 2010, Future Stars Futbol was founded as a summer program, and the organization has since become a year-round staple for kids of all ages in Brooklyn. Before this, he worked coaching youth soccer for many years in highschool and competitive club settings. For the last five years, Sasha’mani has been the director of coaching for Future Stars Futbol, making strategic decisions from a developmental to a highly competitive level for all 14 teams within the club.

He is currently committed to overseeing the training and coaching travels teams for U7-U15 boys and girls, as well as an academy program. Sasha’mani’s unique style of training and futbol philosophy focuses on the development of the individual child, encouraging and challenging each one to approach the field with his or her best mental and physical ability. He is at once a teacher and a friend; his players admire him as a role model, and he in turn always treats them with respect. Sasha’mani has been playing soccer since the age of four, and played semi-pro for several years on various tournament teams in New York and Florida. His two great passions are futbol and kids. He is currently overseeing all FSF club teams and strategizing for new FSF initiatives with wife and Director Chloe Francois and our talented staff of experienced coaches.

Here is a list of some of our amazing coaches per team. We have a great mix of international talent and experienced teachers!

Rodrigo Paredes: U15 Gunners and U12 Juventus
Rodrigo is a great, enthusiastic and knowledgeable coach who many of the players look up to like a cool older brother. He is not only a great soccer player himself, he is able to inspire and motivate any age and skill level and make it fun and competitive for everyone. FSF players know and adore Rodrigo and look forward to training and games with him.

Menguilibe Tchendie (Prosper): U10 Grenadiers, U9 Atletico
Prosper is a great calm force and he coaches his teams with patience and expertise. His intellectual understanding of the game and youth players in it is a great asset to the club.

Updated Safety Guidelines for Covid-19 Return to Play:


Fall 2020

In keeping with the federal, state and local guidelines, FSF has created additional policies specific to facilities we utilize and to ensure a safe and healthy environment for players, coaches and parents.

FSF will initiate the following policies and procedures for Before, During and After participation effective Monday, August 24th, 2020 and will communicate any updates as necessary. A FSF supervisor will be on site and responsible for ensuring that policies and procedures are being followed.

  1. Before Activities
  • Temperature check with a thermometer done by a parent at home is recommended (temperature greater than 100.4 for children and greater than 100 for adults is considered a fever).
  • Every FSF coach and player is required to be screened prior to entering the field of play.
  • Visiting teams will be sent Return to Play protocols and will be required to follow before, during and after Return to Play policies and procedures.
  • Players will be assigned designated assembly points, away from prior permit holders locations and will not be allowed on the field before permit time. They will wear face masks and practice social distancing and use hand sanitizers before they enter the field.
  • Parents and spectators will be asked to social distance before, during and after activities while at the field.
  • Parents are asked to have no more than 2 persons per child attending an event (practice or game).  Parents are encouraged to drop off and pick up their child as opposed to staying on site if possible.

The screening to include the following questions:

  1. Today or in the past 24 hours have you had any of the following symptoms:
    1. Fever (temperature greater than 100.4 for children and greater than 100 for adults)
    2. New or worsening cough
    3. Shortness of breath or trouble breathing
    4. Sore throat, different than your seasonal allergies
    5. New loss of smell and/or taste
    6. Diarrhea or vomiting
    7. Do you have a household or close contact who has been diagnosed with COVID-19 in the past 2 weeks?
  2. Is your child or a household family member in current quarantine and/or has recently returned from travel to any of the states listed on the New York State Travel Advisory.
  3. Have you completed and submitted the FSF COVID liability waiver?

Following a failed screening: 

  • If a player/coach fails the COVID-19 screening they should be sent home immediately. If their parents are not present escort them to a designated isolation area away from others and have them wear a mask/face covering.
  • The player/coach should not be allowed back until they have documentation demonstrating the SARS-CoV-2 test was negative or a note from their healthcare provider indicating they do not need to be tested and their symptoms are not due to COVID-19.
  • If a player or coach is confirmed to have COVID-19, the following should occur: All participants that have practiced or competed with this individual up to 48 hours prior to symptom onset should be excluded from participating for 14 days.

Following a successful screening:

  • After the player/coach is screened they should receive an indicator that signifies that they have been screened (i.e. colored wrist band, sticker that changes daily, mark on hand). Athletes do not need to wear masks/face coverings during play once they enter the field.
  • No unnecessary individuals should be present (non-participating players).
  • No congregating should be allowed at the fields. For younger players, one parent/caregiver can accompany the child to workouts or practices. The parent/caregiver should be wearing a mask/face covering.
  1. During activities
  • Only designated players, coaches, referees and other staff assigned by FSF are allowed to enter the field of play, with a maximum of 50 persons on the field of play at any given time.
  • Parents and spectators will not be allowed on the playing field.
  • Coaches and trainers are required to wear masks/face coverings at all times.
  • Players will be required to wear a mask when entering and exiting the field.
  • Players will not be required to wear a mask during activity on the field of play.
  • All players are expected to bring their own ball to practices.
  • Players should keep personal bags separate from other items.
  • Players will not be asked to help pick up equipment.
  • Players are not permitted to move goals in any phase; coaches can move portable goals.
  • No sharing of water bottles. An individual player may use their own water bottle and should be clearly marked with their name and not shared with others.
  • No team huddles should take place. No hugs, handshakes or fist bumps should take place.
  • Players will have breaks but will be reminded not to touch each other and no sharing water or food.
  • Hand hygiene is essential and our staff will promote frequent handwashing and proper hand sanitizing.
  • Parents and spectators will be asked to social distance before, during and after activities while at the facility.
  • 45 players maximum on field at any given time, with a maximum of 50 persons on the field at any given time.
  1. After Activities 
  • Players will be asked to leave the field area after their session is over.
  • FSF will provide hand sanitizer to ensure frequent handwashing and proper hand sanitizing.
  • Players, parents and spectators will be asked to leave the field immediately and not congregate after the event (practice /or game) is complete.
  • All persons will be asked to practice hand hygiene when leaving the field.

Safety Guidelines for Future Stars Futbol 

The following guidelines are the policies of Brooklyn Futbol Foundation, Inc/Future Stars Futbol NY with regard to awareness and prevention of abuse within the Club.

·  Future Stars Futbol is committed to provide a safe environment and to prevent child abuse and sexual misconduct.

·  Future Stars Futbol is committed to undertake reasonable efforts to ensure that every person involved in coaching or team and/or club management, including FSF’s Executive Director, coaches, assistant coaches, trainers, bus chaperones and other employees or independent contractors, will abide by these guidelines.

·  Future Stars Futbol is a member of The Eastern New York Youth Soccer Association (ENYYSA). ENYYSA has adopted a “Risk Management Program” to assist FSF in providing a safe experience for our children. This program includes risk management registration and background checks for coaches, managers, employees and independent contractors of FSF. All coaches, managers, employees and independent contractors of FSF must register with the ENYYSA Risk Management Program and complete an on-line disclosure statement which is used to conduct a background check.

·  Future Stars Futbol will take appropriate actions regarding all concerns or allegations of child abuse and/or sexual misconduct. All concerns or allegations should be reported immediately to the President or Head Coach of FSF. FSF will take appropriate actions as soon as practicable based on FSF’s review of the circumstances and its findings. Allegations or concerns may be reported promptly to authorities for investigation.

The following represents certain preventive policies of FSF with regard to abuse:

·  Physical, mental or verbal abuse of any player, employee, participant or referee involved in FSF’s activities is not permitted.

·  Inappropriate touching of any kind is forbidden.

·  FSF requires that more than one adult be present at any FSF activity involving players under U-15. At FSF activities involving players U-15 or older, to the extent reasonably practical, FSF strongly suggests that more than one adult be present. If a player under U-15 needs special attention (for example, one-on-one training or an individual meeting), that activity or meeting should be conducted in the presence of another adult.

·  Non-parent coaches should avoid any appearance of impropriety and should not socialize with players except at FSF activities or social gatherings where parents are present.

·  Non-parent coaches should never transport a player in a car or other vehicle except (i) in an emergency or other necessary circumstances or (ii) unless the player’s parent or guardian has granted permission. Beginning with the Fall 2013-Spring 2014 season, permission to travel with a non-parent coach may be granted on the FSF’s registration or medical forms.

·  Non-parent coaches are not permitted to share a room overnight with a player(s).

·  Use or possession of illegal drugs or underage drinking at any FSF activity is prohibited.

·  Parents are encouraged to attend all FSF activities.

Adopted by the Brooklyn Futbol Foundation Board of Directors on September 1, 2012